Campus Snow Removal

Snow RemovalSnow Removal on Campus

The season of colder temperatures and snow is upon us again. The University of Utah’s Landscape Maintenance department works very hard in cold conditions to provide safe access to campus during and after snow storms. Snow removal requires close coordination between our snow crews and two other departments. Transportation works to clear campus roadways and parking lots, a task that often requires arriving on campus between 2 – 4 a.m. during a storm. Custodians also play a key role in clearing snow from building entrances. This team uses large plows, small tractors, shovels and salt buckets to keep areas clear and safe. Priority routes for snow removal are our wheelchair accessible routes through campus and high traffic sidewalks noted on the image included here.

If you see an area in need of clearing, call Facilities Dispatch at 801-581-7221. There are steps you can take to keep yourself safe as well.

Be Safe

  • Plan extra time on your schedule to prevent being in a rush. Most accidents occur due to inattention or being in a hurry.
  • Remove snow from shoes before entering any building.
  • Always use a handrail when climbing up and down stairs.
  • Always use handrail when going in and out of buildings, vehicles or public transportation.
  • Wear footwear with traction, consider Yax Trax or something similar.

Be Smart

  • Put down your phone and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Walk at a slower pace.
  • Stay on designated walkways.
  • Watch for and avoid slippery surfaces.

Be Seen

  • Wear visible clothing especially at night or during heavy snow.
  • Wait for vehicles to stop completely before crossing the road.
  • Approaching vehicles may not be able to stop immediately due to road conditions.

If you fall, relax and try to fall as limply as possible. Avoid using your arms to stop your fall. For more information visit Environmental Health and Safety.

One Response to Campus Snow Removal

  • Julie O'Brien says:

    I have worked for the U of U hospital since 1985, also a student during several of those years. I have always marveled at how efficient the crews are at snow removal.(I grew up in MN with the masters of snow removal). Whether coming through main campus or reseach park, it is almost always the best plowed area in town. Even at 6:00am!! Thank you , thank you, thank you. I have on many occasions thanked you out loud in my car! So sorry I have never sent my thanks and appreciation! Happy holidays :)

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