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June 1 - August 15  EXHIBITS  
1-30 Les Misérables, Simmons PMT, 581-6961 for info.
1-2 Brian Kershisnik: A Rare Look at an Artist in Action, UMFA, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., 581-7332 for info.
4 Hinckley Institute of Politics: Democratization in Taiwan and Cross-strait Relations, 255 OSH, 11 a.m., 581-8501 for info.
5 Geriatric Grand Rounds: The New Zoster Vaccine: Efficacy, Issues, and Concerns, SOM AB 193, 8 a.m., 587-9103 for info.
6 Wednesdays on the Green: Honk! Jr. Youth Theatre Highlights, 12 p.m., Chemistry Bldg. North Plaza, 581-6773 for info.
  UMFA Free Admission Day, 585-1306 for info.
10 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi – Soul Stew Revival, Red Butte Garden, 7 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
12 UMNH Nature of Things Lecture: Frogs as Indicator Species, 6:30 p.m., 581-6927 for info.
13-16 Youth Theatre: Honk! Jr., Babcock Theatre, 581-6448 for info.
19 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Indigo Girls, Red Butte Garden, 7:30 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
20 Wednesdays on the Green: Eddy Zenn, 12 p.m., Warnock Bldg. West Plaza, 581-6773 for info.
Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Chick Corea & Béla Fleck, Red Butte Garden, 8 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
20-23 Youth Theatre: Honk! Jr., Babcock Theatre, 581-6448 for info.
1-7 Les Misérables, Simmons PMT, 581-6961 for info.
4 Independence Day Holiday
  UMFA Free Admission Day, 585-1306 for info.
8 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Red Butte Garden, 7 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
13 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: The Neville Brothers, Red Butte Garden, 7 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
17 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Chris Isaak, Red Butte Garden, 7 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
18 Wednesdays on the Green: Gary Gerber, 12 p.m., SSB West Plaza, 581-6773 for info.
22 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Mavis Staples & Bettye Lavette, Red Butte Garden, 7 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
24 Pioneer Day Holiday
1 Wednesdays on the Green: Lost by Reason, 12 p.m., MBH Outdoor Theatre, 581-6773 for info.
  UMFA Free Admission Day, 585-1306 for info.
5 Red Butte Garden Summer Concert: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Red Butte Garden, 7 p.m., 581-4747 for info.
15 Wednesdays on the Green: Ron Maestas, 12 p.m., HPER Natatorium, south side, 581-6773 for info.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 581-7332
Painting From Life: Brian Kershisnik is known for his moving and metaphoric paintings of people in moments of quiet transcendence. Rich in color and texture his paintings focus on the familiar experience of being human. Runs through July 1.

Head Trip: Around the World in Forty Hats: What do an American bicycle helmet and a Native American Plains Feathered Headdress have in common? Both are worn for protection. How about a Misango Mayaka Hat from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a Dutch lace cap? Both reveal the wearers’ social status. Around the World in Forty Hats is an exploration of head coverings worn the world over to express status, religion and ritual, and, often simply for ornamentation. Runs through Aug.12.

Revisiting Utah’s Past: The Trans-formed Landscape: This exhibition places art by Utah artists in a historical context. It is an examination of some ways in which early settlers of the Utah territory established the beginnings of a unique culture. The paintings are visual documents of the change from an undeveloped nature into a cultured, built environment. Runs through Aug. 12.

The Art of Robert Sabuda: Travels in Time and Space: Audiences will marvel at the artwork and paper engineering of Robert Sabuda. Sabuda’s intricate design and vivid use of color capture on paper a world of enchantment. This exhibit of 60 works shows children and adults the precise engineering and detailed production techniques used to create pop-ups. Runs through Sept. 9.

The Journeys through Asian Art exhibition showcases objects from the world's largest continent, illuminating the development of art in India, the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and China. The exhibition features works from the Museum's permanent collection. Runs through Dec. 20, 2010.

Africa: Arts of a Continent is a permanent rotating exhibition that focuses on four cultures: the Dogon of Mali, the Baulé of the Ivory Coast, the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Kuba Kingdom of the Congo. Africa: Arts of a Continent also incorporates several ancient Egyptian burial objects from various dynasties and explores the importance of the Nile.

Utah Museum of Natural History, 581-4303
Toadally Frogs: Green takes on a whole new meaning as we welcome live frogs to Utah! Exploring the science of frogs as well as the varied roles of frogs in popular culture, this live exhibit featuring more than 90 live frogs and toads will be fun and educational. From the Frog Prince to Kermit the Frog, frog personalities have long been present in cultural story telling around the globe. Through Toadally Frogs, you will get to know the facts and fiction about these remarkable, adaptable creatures that are somehow so easy to humanize. Runs June 9 - Sept. 3.

Red Butte Garden, 581-4747
With over 100 acres of gardens and natural area, Red Butte Garden is the largest botanical center in the Intermountain West that displays and interprets regional horticulture. The Garden is open year-round for visitors to walk through the gardens or hike through the Natural Area. Red Butte Garden also offers four seasons of educational and recreational programs including concerts, festivals, kids programs, nature outings, classes and workshops.

Loge Gallery at Simmons PMT
Paintings by Gary and John Collins will be on display during Les Misérables from Apr. 27 - July 7.

Huntsman Cancer Institute Gallery
Located by the Cancer Learning Center (first floor lobby) and on the second floor across from the Wellness Center.
Art is an important part of healing. Lilly Oncology on Canvas: Expressions of a Cancer Journey is a traveling art exhibit that honors the journeys of millions of people affected by cancer worldwide. Fifty works of art, created by cancer survivors, their families, friends, and caregivers and drawn from the 2006 international competition, will be showcased.

Marriott Library, Book Arts

Medical Graphics & Photography Gallery (MGP Gallery, AC113 SOM, Mon - Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 587-3435 or 587-3436)

Newly renovated and reorganized, the Hallside Gallery is renamed and is now the MGPgallery. Located on the HSC campus, SOM Level A - Room #AC113
Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Mon.-Fri. (not open Sat. or Sun.)

The new MGPgallery presents arwork by students, physicians, and individual artists. New exhibits monthly. Featuring fine art watercolor prints, photographic prints, and other creative arts.

Gift items for sale: greeting cards and watercolor prints by Barbara Stephan, fine art photography by Steven Leitch.

To Exhibit: Call for Entries is ongoing ~ email:

Athletic Events, 581-8171
For a listing of athletic events go to:

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