Construction and Commuter Updates

Construction and Commuter Updates

Published November 7, 2014


–      One of the sidewalks leading from the Huntsman Center toward campus will be closed as a high-temp water line is placed in the ground. Pedestrians can still connect to main campus as one sidewalk will remain open throughout the project. The high-temp water line, which is used to heat buildings, will be completed by the start of Spring Semester.

–      As snow season arrives, please note that snow crews do their best to keep campus safe. If particular areas need to be cleared, please call 801-581-7221.



–      Construction on the new Lassonde Studios began Nov. 1. The building will be located to the east of the Languages and Communication building (LNCO) and northeast of the Tanner Humanities Building. About 300 parking stalls will be unavailable during construction.

–      A project to upgrade the Ivor Thomas labs in the Mining Systems Research Lab began in mid-June. The parking lot to the west will be closed to the public through the end of the semester.

–      Ten parking spaces on the west end and 10 spaces on the northeast corner of the parking lot to the north of Merrill Engineering will be closed as part of a staging area for campus construction projects. The parking spaces in the northeast corner will be unavailable through 2016.

–      Construction for the new Jon M. and Karen Huntsman Basketball Training Facility began to the north of the Huntsman Center. Forty parking stalls in the northeast corner of the parking lot east of the Huntsman Center will be closed to serve as staging for construction materials.


–      As a result of utility work, the road in front of the Huntsman Cancer Institute will be closed Nov. 10 – Dec. 21. Traffic will be rerouted to Mario Capecchi Drive. An updated shuttle map is available here.

–      The Business Loop is currently open for one-way traffic, east bound through the area. The pay lot remains open. The Business Loop will close again periodically while the Business Loop Parking Garage is under construction. Please proceed with great caution as extensive work continues in the area.

–      Construction on the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Primary Children’s & Families’ Cancer Research Center began in early September. The construction site is directly to the south of the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The building will be complete in Dec. 2016. This project requires a temporary road closure along Medical Drive East that will begin soon and last for approximately four weeks. Access to the parking terrace between the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and the Clinical Neurosciences Building will remain open.

Public Transportation

–      The red, blue and black shuttle routes will be detoured during construction on the Primary Children’s and Families’ Cancer Research Center at Huntsman Cancer Institute. An updated shuttle route can be found here. The site is located directly south of the Huntsman Cancer Institute and is scheduled for completion in December 2016.

–      The campus shuttle and UTA bus stop at the Field House will be closed for the duration of construction on the law building (through early 2015). Instead, use the existing stop around the corner on University Street to catch red and green shuttles.

Sidewalks and Pedestrian Traffic

–      The bridge entrance to the Dumke Health Professions Education Building will be remodeled to make it more accessible. The project includes a new ramp, stairway at the bridge and a new concrete walkway to connect to the Wakara Way sidewalk from the building entrance. This project began Oct. 13 and should be completed by the end of fall semester. During construction, use the west entrance located on the first floor.

–      The south entrance to HPER West and the sidewalk near the door are closed for remodeling and creation of a strength and training area. The area will reopen in early 2015.

–      The south entrance to the law building remains closed for the duration of construction (through early 2015). The sidewalk on the north side of the law building is open and has been reconstructed to be accessible for people with disabilities.

Construction and New Buildings

–      A project to install a chilled water distribution system began May 25 and will continue to move through the southwest quadrant of campus. The chilled water is piped to buildings to provide cooling and air conditioning. Installation of the system is currently underway between Life Sciences building and the Henry Eyring Chemistry building.

–      The Critical Infrastructure Project is currently underway in the Health Sciences area of campus and to the south of the new Ambulatory Care Complex. Work will also take place near the northwest corner of the intersection of Mario Capecchi Drive and between the Business Classrooms and the Architecture building. One lane will remain open at all times. Construction for this project on main campus is happening to the east of University Street near Pioneer Memorial Theatre, to the south of the Sill Center, to the west of Honors Housing, to the east of the Annex, and on lower campus.

–      Construction on the Northwest Parking Garage, located between the Naval Sciences and Sutton buildings on 100 South, is under way. The garage is scheduled to open in fall 2015. Accessible parking and pedestrian routes through the area will remain open. For a comprehensive map of parking alternatives, click here.

–      Construction began on the 800-stall Business Loop Parking Garage in late June. The garage will be complete by May 2015. Alternative parking options are listed here. The playfield on top of the garage will be complete for the start of the 2015 fall semester.

–      The George S. Eccles Student Life Center is scheduled to open in January 2015.

–      The Ray & Tye Noorda Oral Health Sciences Building is scheduled for completion in December 2014.

–      The second phase of the expansion and renovation of the Kennecott Building is scheduled for completion in May 2015.

–      The S. J. Quinney College of Lawbuilding is scheduled for completion during the summer of 2015.

More Information

–      There have been many parking changes on campus this year while two parking garages are constructed in place of current surface lots. To learn more about parking and other transportation options, click here.

–      A map of construction zones and timeframes is available here.

–      For more information on current or upcoming projects click here.

–      Connect with Facilities Management on Facebook or Twitter.

–      Connect with Commuter Services on Facebook and Twitter.

–      Visit Commuter Services’ website for detailed information about parking, alternative transportation, construction impacts, events and more.


2 Responses to Construction and Commuter Updates

  • Kristin says:

    Is there a good place to give feedback about parking issues? The new E and O Zone parking structure is now overly full. It seems unrealistic to have to backup lot so far away (Guardsman Way!!!) and off campus. Few of us have time in the morning to jet all the way over there through rush hour on campus and take the shuttle- getting to work would take an additional 45 minutes! That’s so hard in the morning when most of us have very little wiggle room and have small children we are trying to MINIMIZE our time away from. Plus, getting to my baby after work is hard enough. We need an alternative back up lot. Guardsman Way is a horrendous idea. I suggest the lot across from the current covered lot. This morning it had PLENTY of free spaces. (Also, the “T passes” are now also taking an entire floor of the new covered lot! Why??? This lot is already full with no reasonable back up. I saw a grand total of about 30 open spaces on this “T” level.) Please help and be understanding of what it is like for those of us who have very few parking options and are trying to save money by parking in the “lesser” lots. Thanks!

  • Melissa @ Commuter Services says:

    You can contact me directly with any questions or feedback about parking on campus and I will be happy to explain the recent changes and discuss parking options. My number is 801-581-7672.
    Melissa Johnson
    Director, Commuter Services

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