Deliberating ‘A Woman’s Place’

Orientation-Leadership-Day-Honors College hosts creative new series to tackle enduring issues 


If women arguably have more choices today than they did in 1962, then why does Utah have fewer women than men in college, and trail the nation for graduating female students?

This and other thorny questions are being posed to diverse groups of accomplished Utah women over the next three months, through a series of panel discussions arranged by the Honors College. The college is marking its 50th year of creative, engaged learning.

“Women have considerably more options today, and yet they still face decisions that not only affect their personal lives, but impact their community and society at large,” says Sylvia Torti, dean of the Honors College. “We are convening these panels to call on the experience, expertise, and creativity of successful women in Utah to help today’s students find new ways to approach ongoing issues.”

The first panel was held Jan. 24 and featured participants Jerilyn McIntyre, academic administrator; Lori Feld, advertising executive; Terrell Dougan, author and humorist; and Jennifer Folkerson, community program manager. Participants were asked to address personal challenges and provocative questions, responding during the session with their own life experiences.

The next panel is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 6, in the Marriott Library’s Seminar Room, Room 2130 N, Second Floor, and will feature Karen Crompton, president/CEO, Voices for Utah Children; Peggy Battin, Distinguished Professor of philosophy; U honors faculty Kate Kopischke, senior mediator, RESOLVE; and Gretchen Dietrich, director, Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Additional information on the remaining panels may be found here.

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