Marriott Library announces remote software access

With the continuing escalation of software costs, and students needing highly specialized applications that are only available in certain campus locations, the Marriott Library’s Computing & Media Services group (CMS) is implementing a remote software access project. Currently, the new service is open to all students, staff, and faculty.  

Remote software access allows users to run needed software applications from any locationon or off campusby authenticating using their UNID. Once the user is logged in, she can use numerous software applications on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices. There currently are 40 programs such as Lightwright, XCode, SPSS, Minitab, and Photoshop, with additional titles to be added over the coming year. The service uses Aqua Connect for Macs (and mobile devices) and Ulteo for PCs.

The service allows access to needed software from any location. It does not provide access to individual staff computers, but creates a “second computer” on your system that will let you open up software applications. It’s also great for using programs like Photoshop for your iPad, even though you can’t buy Photoshop for those devices. 

There is currently capacity to allow 50 users for each operating system(Macs and PCs) during this part of the testing period, but if successful, additional capacity, software licenses, and dedicated hardware can be integrated into this new service to allow for more users. Additional information is on the Remote Software Access web page. Questions? Contact Matt Irsik.

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