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April 18 Poll:

Will (or did) you participate in the Great Utah ShakeOut drill: Drop, Cover, Hold On, Evacuate?

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As a pedestrian walking through campus, when you encounter a motorized cart, truck or car, what do you think? (multiple answers allowed)

I wish they would slow way down, even when they aren’t close to people. 68 votes (26%)
They go slow enough that speed is not an issue. 48 votes (18%)
I wish they wouldn’t drive on the grass. 44 votes (17%)
I wish they would only drive in designated areas. 57 votes (22%)
I never see motorized vehicles on campus. 3 votes (1%)
I don’t have any opinions or concerns. 21 votes (8%)
Other gripes or issues (please use comment section to explain). 14 votes (5%)


One Response to FYI poll

  • Suzanne O. Ware says:

    I was not at work that day but rather was with my daughter who was a patient at a U clinic on campus. Otherwise, I would have been involved with something dealing with the activity.

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