Voicemail at the U is changing

The new voicemail system is part of UMail Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging.

Unified Messaging offers features that go beyond our current voicemail systems, like a combined inbox for both email and voicemail.

Speech commands let you: 

  • Read your voice messages with speech-to-text
  • Listen to your email and calendar items over the telephone with text-to-speech
  • Search for contacts from the Global Address List and send them messages
  • Read or hear missed call information

Here is what you can expect:

  • A “heads-up” email advising you that your voicemail will change soon
  • A welcome email from Microsoft Outlook containing:
    • The telephone number to access voicemail
    • Your extension number
    • Your first-time PIN
  • One or two days later, you’ll have access to your new voicemail 

Later this summer, your former voicemail system, Octel or T3, will be permanently retired. Until then, please take time to retrieve any saved messages that you need to review.

If you have questions, please contact University IT. We look forward to providing this improved voice messaging service to the University community.

7 Responses to Voicemail at the U is changing

  • Ticked says:

    What is the tell# to hear my messages. I have never received instructions how to get to VM and I have had this stupid VM for a few weeks now!

  • Mary says:

    You should have had an e-mail with the title:
    Welcome to Exchange Unified Messaging
    It gives the phone number you should call and your temporary pin number.
    You can call the help desk if you can’t find the e-mail. 1-4000 option 2.

  • lizzy says:

    While this is a great idea in theory, I’ve found that the voice-to-text emails are so garbled that they’re really only good for laughs–you can’t actually figure out what the message is until you listen to the voicemail. The message also deletes from your phone if you delete the email. I’m hoping that the voice recognition software will “learn” Utah speech patterns (a la Dragon Dictate) so that this aspect of things eventually gets better.

  • A says:

    I agree, this new system does a terrible job with the voice to text emails. We received emails saying that one of coworkers had died over the weekend, that she had been shot in a parking lot! It didn’t actually happen, thankfully. The new system definitely needs some work, or needs to go away!

  • Sheldon says:

    I agree with the comments from July 16. The email transcriptions from voicemail I have received have been totally unintelligible. It would be nice if this system worked but no luck so far (other than a good laugh!)

  • TJ says:

    Lots of laughs from the new voicemail system. It’s hard to tell if it’s learning or not — it does seem to recognize when individuals say my name now, which is a bonus.

    But more importantly, I think it’s somewhat ridiculous that I have to reset my PIN every time I want to access the voicemail system (which is now the case).

  • SL says:

    I’m waiting for some doctor to leave a voice message and have it misinterpreted and a patient is mistreated. I haven’t received a coherent message yet. It’s a stupid system and does nothing but gum up the emails and gives me a lot of laughs. Technology sucks. Give me the old system.

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