U launches new institutional marketing campaign

Imagine-U-ThemeLineStacked2[1]A campus focused on imagining a future and then doing what’s needed to get there: This is Imagine U, the U’s new branding campaign. The Imagine U campaign is part of the U’s new marketing strategy, the culmination of a yearlong process, which included a thorough analysis of the university’s current brand, and extensive qualitative and survey research. Current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and alumni were consulted to gauge the university’s strengths and help identify the attributes that make it a unique learning environment.

“The results showed incredible pride in the U and a belief in its ability to provide the exceptional resources necessary to fulfill lifelong ambitions,” says Bill Warren, the U’s chief marketing and communications officer. “This new brand sends a message worldwide that our university is a place that encourages students, faculty, staff, and the community to imagine, and then do.”

Imagine U helps to define the University of Utah as a tier-one teaching and research institution offering a collaborative learning experience that prepares students to succeed in a competitive work environment. The setting is a vibrant diverse city with ready proximity to some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world.

“We look forward to working closely with our marketing partners across campus to strategically integrate the Imagine U brand,” says Brian Rasmussen, the U’s marketing director. “We believe it will help to unify our message as we tell the world that anything is possible at a place we call Imagine U.”

The campaign rollout begins immediately with advertisements in a variety of mediums including broadcast, print, online, and outdoor. Find more information about Imagine U online.

2 Responses to U launches new institutional marketing campaign

  • liz says:

    Good campaign…except for the part where my brother saw one of the commercials and said “that’s not a U, that’s a goal post”.

  • julia says:

    Campaign seems to be pretty well thought out–but I agree that the “U” made by the fingers is not definitive–it could be anything–goalpost or?

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