U tests campus shuttle to S.L. Central Station

The test shuttle runs through Feb. 8 and accommodates FrontRunner South riders and those affected by cancellation of Route 810 from Utah County.

DSCN1027_longA campus shuttle—Express to the U—departs Salt Lake Central Station after Frontrunner South arrives for the morning commute, running every half hour, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. It provides a direct, nonstop route from Salt Lake Central station to the stadium in less than 20 minutes, then continues east on South Campus Drive to University Hospital. Watch for the campus shuttle when you get off FrontRunner. If ridership is sustained, then the route may be implemented permanently—so use the route!

UTA will continue to run its current express bus—Route 2X—between Salt Lake Central Station and University Hospital, which provides another nonstop bus option. It runs every half hour, Monday through Friday mornings, from 6:43 a.m. to 8:43 a.m.

At the conclusion of the work day, commuters will have three options to return to Salt Lake Central Station for the return ride on FrontRunner.

  • TRAX Red Line. Departs campus every 15 minutes but requires a transfer at Courthouse station.
  • UTA Route 2. Departs from the University Hospital every 15 minutes and proceeds down the north side of campus and down 200 South to Salt Lake Central Station.
  • UTA Route 228. Departs from Research Park area every 30 minutes and proceeds west on South Campus Drive making several stops, then down 400 South to Salt Lake Central Station.

Find UTA updates, maps, and times here.

For questions or concerns about the Express to the U campus shuttle, send email. Include the words “Route 2XU” in the subject line.

4 Responses to U tests campus shuttle to S.L. Central Station

  • Andrew Burkhardt says:

    I really hope this bus will stay in service, there are many people on it, sometimes standing room only. There are also many riders that were not using the 810 bus service provided by UTA.

  • Denna Collier says:

    Love the early option of getting to work on time (before 0630) with the U shuttle. If this wasn’t an option I would have to drive and we all know that how little parking there is at the U.

  • Lorraine Jackson says:

    I am very grateful that U Commuter Services decided to step up to fill the gap left by the 810 being cancelled, and providing this bus to campus. Unfortunately for me, it still leaves University Employees who work in Research Park in a bit of a pickle. I used this service for the first time this morning (Coming from the Front Runner stop in Lehi) and was surprised when the driver told me that he could not take me to Research Park, and that I would have to transfer yet again. It made me wonder what happened to the other 30+ people I used to ride with from Lehi to Research Park on the express bus. Perhaps they all drive now.

    I appreciate what the U is doing, and how they have accommodated staff and students through the transition to Frontrunner, but when offered the choice between a 45 minute drive and a 90 minute commuter’s nightmare, I’m afraid most people in my situation will feel like the decision has been made for them. I respectfully urge administrators, as they make final plans for this new route, to include Research Park. My finances and future with the U will be greatly impacted by it. Thank you!

  • Janeen Bennion says:

    I have been an express bus passenger for the last 5 years. They were fast, efficient, comfortable and dropped me close to a reliable connection. The trip from Lehi, Thanksgiving Point to the TRAX end of the line, used to take approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. Since the implementation of Front Runner, I’m back to driving. There are no efficient, effective connections from Central Station. The trip from Central Station to the hospital takes longer than the Front Runner ride.

    I tried Front Runner to Central, Central to 2 or 2X bus (depending on the time) and then to a campus shuttle to get to my building. Over two (2) hours one way! I can drive it in 45 minutes!

    Then the trip home is a nightmare! If I leave at 5 pm, wait for the 0 shuttle to the Hospital, then catch the 2 bus at 5:27 to Central Station, if all goes well the schedule says I’ll be there by 5:55 pm, and then I can catch the 6:07 pm train south. If I miss the 6:07 train, which has happened several times, after a 30+ minute ride (depending on how many stops along the way) on the 2 bus, the next Front Runner train South goes out of service at 6:37 pm. It’s a whole hour wait for next train. This puts me home a little before 8 PM.

    Why take a South bound train out of service when commuters are still trying to get home? I refuse to spend 4 to 5 hours commuting on public transportation a day, when I can drive it in 1.5 hours round trip.

    The express busses were a workable solution, convenient, fast and effective solution. I respectfully request consideration of the reinstatement of the express buses 802 and 810.

    As one of the 30+ other passengers referred to by Lorraine, who used to ride the 810 home. I can confirm, yes. I now drive every day.

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