Two New Parking Garages

There are certain areas on campus that would benefit from more concentrated parking options. To address this, two new parking garages are under way.

Business Loop Garage

Business Loop GarageThe business loop parking garage, which will be built on top of the current business loop parking lot, will be the first parking garage on main campus. The garage broke ground in mid-July and will be available for use near the end of April 2015. This garage will house 810 parking spaces that will be able to serve the needs of students, staff and faculty during the day and provide much-needed parking for events at the Huntsman Center and Rice-Eccles Stadium in the evenings and on weekends.

In addition to providing more parking spaces, the structure is built with a reinforced roof that allows it to also serve as a play field. The field will be lit for evening use and will have rails and nets around it.

Where to park during construction: In an effort to provide safe access to parking that has been Business - New Shuttle Loopdisplaced during this construction, students, staff and faculty who drive to campus are encouraged to park in the lot on the corner of Guardsman Way and 500 South. A new, free shuttle route will run between that lot and the business loop every 15 minutes.

Business Loop Garage at a glance:

  • Approximately 810 stalls (net approximately 560 stalls).
  • Play field on the roof.
  • Scheduled for completion in April 2015, and the field will be ready for the fall 2015 school year.
  • A new shuttle route will transport commuters from the lot on Guardsman Way to the business loop.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations will be available at each level in the garage.

Northwest Parking Garage

NW Parking Garage 2The surface parking lot between the Sutton Geology and Naval Sciences buildings will soon become the home of the second parking garage on lower campus. This smaller parking garage will help provide more parking near Presidents Circle.

The garage will hold 310 parking stalls and will help with faculty and staff parking during the day as well as provide parking for the many special events that are housed in and around Presidents Circle in the evenings and on weekends.

Construction will start this fall and will be finished in time for school in August 2015.

Northwest Parking Garage at a glance:

  • Approximately 310 stalls (net approximately 220 spaces).
  • Scheduled for completion in August 2015.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations will be available in the garage.

13 Responses to Two New Parking Garages

  • Margie G says:

    The northwest parking garage will be very welcome. The current parking lots are woefully inadequate for the number of buildings it serves. I have some questions about the garage. Will this garage require a special pass, like the Terrace passes at the Hospital? Will there be limitations on the number of reserved spaces allowed or who can get one? If this garage is going to be any different than a larger version of our current lot, it would be nice to know now.

  • JoAnn Cook says:

    I would hope that all motor pool cars that have been parking by the Naval Science building from different departments would be told to only park at the stadium. That would free up any parking that is left after the reserved spots for employees behind the Union or the lot north of that.

  • Melissa @ Commuter Services says:

    Margie, we try to balance the parking needs of every group on campus and that sometimes means we place restrictions on certain lots or garages. We will not assign any specific permits to the garage until after it is finished and we have time to analyze the existing campus needs. At this time we do not anticipate restricting reserved spaces.

  • Fernando says:

    Any plans to install electric vehicle charging stations in existing lots?

  • Idea says:

    Wouldn’t it be better if rather than having a play field space on the roof of the business loop parking garage we had more parking space in there?

  • Dave J says:

    What is the height clearance of the new business loop parking garage? I know a lot of people, such as myself, that have to drive larger vehicles on occasion, or have vehicles with cargo boxes or bike racks mounted.

  • David @ Commuter Services says:

    Fernando, there will be level 1 charging areas in all of the garages, and there will be some level 2 charging stations installed in association with the construction of the Law School and the new Lassonde Studios projects.

  • Shireen in FM says:

    idea, one of the responsibilities of Facilities Management is to make sure we are taking lots of different aspects of campus life into consideration with each decision we make. Green space and play fields are a big part of making a vibrant and inviting campus. We also need to balance the need for parking. The two new parking garages were studied, the need for about 1,000 spaces was determined after extensive research, and splitting that need between two garages allow for closer access to larger areas of campus.

  • Karen says:

    There should be cameras in the parking garages that can somehow see license plate numbers. My new car door was smashed by a careless driver in a parking garage. The security guard said he saw on film that it was a white Suburban but that was all he could say. He said they can’t see the license plates. He said it would be hard to find that Suburban and prove it was that car. Then he said, “Sorry, that’s why you buy car insurance.”

  • David @ Commuter Services says:

    Dave J. the clearance height on the top floor will be 8′ – 5″. That is the floor with ADA access. The clearance height on the other floors will be 8′ even.

  • Paul Jewell says:

    When I was on Academic Senate in the early 2000s, I specifically remember being told by representatives from Commuter Services that parking garages were not in the plans or long term interest of the University due to (a) their expense and (b) promotion of increased traffic congestion on campus. I am still not certain what caused a change in this enlightened thinking.

    After sitting through one public meeting on the issue, I remain unconvinced that a credible traffic analysis was conducted prior to making the decision to build. These two parking structures will do nothing but increase already terrible rush hour congestion on 100 South and the southern side of campus as well as give the University a black eye with regard to sustainability issues.

  • Thea says:

    TO: JoAnn Cook – Ours are some of the vehicles you are talking about and they are very critical to our daily Departmental operation and classes. Generally we try to park in the green pole maintenance slots so as not to take up U or A spaces but there are very few of those and Commuter Services will only provide more if space can be found and if we pay over $1,000 per slot which is very prohibitive to us, being that we have multiple vehicles, and you, as it would take up an A or U slot. The other issue is that these vehicles are used on an almost daily basis for classes and research. Its a major hassle to have to go across campus and hunt the vehicles down constantly especially when time, large classes and/or equipment is involved. Besides no matter where we park we are, and would be, taking parking from others so in that regard that point is nullified. We do our best, but there is only so much we can do. (And yes, I too feel the parking issue keenly as I have no choice but to drive myself to the U every day!)

  • Maxwell says:

    Will there be U permit spaces in either of these garages?

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