Commencement 2012

Commencement 2012 takes place Friday, May 4, at 9 a.m. in the Jon M. Huntsman Center.

Commencement speaker and U alum, Ed Catmull

The University of Utah will graduate 7,659 students this year. Of the 5,513 students receiving Bachelor’s degrees, the average age is 26, with the youngest 18, and the oldest 70. The average GPA is 3.25. Of the 2,146 students receiving graduate degrees, the average age is 30 with the youngest 21 and the oldest 68. Graduating students come from 26 of Utah’s 29 counties, 49 U.S. states, and 64 countries. There are 4,199 men and 3,460 women graduating. More than 1,300 self-identify as students of color.

The Commencement address will be presented by U alumnus Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. 

Distinguished Teaching Awards will be presented to Bonnie Baty (Pediatrics and Nursing); Evert C. Lawton, (Civil and Environmental Engineering); Mark H. Matheson, (English); and Gerald E. Root, (French). Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Awards will be presented to Kenneth M. Golden (Mathematics); Gary E. Keck (Chemistry); and Hong Yong Sohn (Metallurgical Engineering).

The Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Ronald M. Smelser (History). Distinguished Innovation and Impact Awards will be presented to Ellen R. Bromberg (Modern Dance); Stephen C. Jacobsen, (Distinguished Professor and Mechanical Engineering) ; and Florian Solzbacher (Electrical & Computer Engineering). The Calvin S. and JeNeal N. Hatch Prize in Teaching will be presented to E. Daniel Edwards (Social Work). David W. Grainger (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry); Robert E. Marc (Ophthalmology); and Kathryn B. Stockton (English) have received the title of Distinguished Professor. Michael L. Gills (University Writing Program) is named Honors Professor.

Trinh T. Mai (Social Work) and Yda Jean Smith (Health) have been named Public Service Professors. Robert W. Hitchcock (Engineering) has been named University Professor. Outstanding Public School Teacher is Michele Brunson, South Elementary School, Cedar City, Utah. Distinguished Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Mentor Awards go to Matt Basso (Humanities); Chi-Bin Chien (Posthumous) (Medicine); Kristen A. Keefe (Pharmacy); and Peregrine Schwartz-Shea (Social & Behavioral Science). Presidential Professor is Jay B. Barney (Management).

The recipient of the 2012 Rosenblatt Prize, a $40,000 cash award, will be named during the Commencement program.

Honorary degrees will be bestowed to A. Lorris Betz, H. David Burton, Jerilyn S. McIntyre, Wataru “Wat” Misaka, and Beverley Taylor Sorenson.

The top 10 graduate degrees are (in order) Psychology, Economics, Exercise and Sports Science, Mass Communication, Human Development and Family Studies, Nursing, Accounting, Biology, Sociology, Finance, and Mechanical Engineering. 

Those unable to attend commencement may watch the live stream online on May 4, view the recorded ceremony online at KUED, or watch the rebroadcast on KUED Channel 7 on Saturday, May 5 at 5:30 p.m. More information is online, or contact the Registrar’s office, or call 801-581-5808.

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    Just curious but what state is not being represented at convocation?

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