Drop, Cover, Hold On—Evacuate!

Do your part to be prepared. Familiarize yourself with the two main aspects of the earthquake drill:
Drop, cover, and hold on
Evacuate to emergency assembly points

It’s almost here–the Great Utah Shakeout 2012–the largest earthquake exercise in Utah history. On Tuesday, April 17, at 10:15 a.m., everyone on campus will be asked to practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On followed by building evacuation to Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs) outside. 

The 45-minute exercise will focus on safety during the first few minutes of an earthquake—knowing the right things to do to prevent becoming a victim. FEMA in Denver, the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, the University, some surrounding counties, and private citizens are planning to participate.  

EAP maps, updated schedules, explanations, and additional earthquake preparedness information are online. Representatives from FEMA and the State Office of Emergency Management will be on campus to observe and participate. Be part of the largest emergency exercise in campus history while practicing to survive an earthquake. Free hygiene kits, information, emergency supplies and a chance to win an iPad2 for those who participate. Information about the regional drill itself is available here. For more information or to schedule a Shakeout presentation for your department, contact Marty Shaub.

2 Responses to Drop, Cover, Hold On—Evacuate!

  • Nathan Weston says:

    The drill will be April 17, correctly stated in the article, NOT April 19, as stated in the FYI email sent April 3.

  • Ron Jones says:

    There are no specific instructions about what we, as regular employees are to do during this upcoming eatrhquake drill. I assume we simply stay at our desk and continue working. But, there is some confusing thing about everyone going outside. Do we all go outside and stand around for 45 minutes in the cold rain. That is a great way to get people excited about participating in a drill!
    Maybe we all go to an auditorium and have a discussion about ways we could better prepare and some specific instructions about exactly what we should do if we are at work during an earthquake. But, alas, I am sure I will be spending most of the next hour freezing and becoing bitter about wanting to have anything to do with further “drills”.

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