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 1. New Find Equipment Link

Looking for Equipment on Campus? Check out our new Find Equipment Link . PIease use this tool to find equipment (needed for a project) that is already on campus, but is not fully utilized. Investigate your potential cost savings! To use this link, enter what you are looking for in this format: %WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR%


 2. What Can You Spend Grant Money On? Understanding the New Omni-Circular

Research Education and the Office of Research Management & Compliance are offering informational sessions on the new OMB Uniform Guidance, which becomes effective for all new federal awards, and new funding for existing awards, on December 26, 2014.  The new OMB Uniform Guidance will supersede administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements previously described in OMB Circulars A-21, A-87, A-110, and A-122 for federal awards to educational institutions.  Participants will learn about the specific changes in regulations that impact the University and will have the opportunity to ask questions.  The following dates are open for registration:

Monday, September 8, 2014
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB, Room 1750

Monday, September 29, 2014
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Intermountain Network Scientific CC (INSCC) Auditorium

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
10:00am – 11:30am
Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB), Room 1750

For complete information and to register online, please visit the Special Events page on the Research Education website.


3. Research and Scientific Management Workshop, Fall 2014

Open to all Faculty members and Postdoctoral Fellows from the Health Sciences and Main Campus. Registration is available at no cost. Attendance is expected at all six sessions. Most new faculty members are surprised to learn of the overwhelming number of diverse new activities they need to manage as academicians. Although incredibly busy as postdocs, each was able to focus most of his or her energy on conducting their research and managing only one person: himself or herself. As faculty members, in addition to conducting research, they now often manage several different types of people (e.g., undergraduate students, medical students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, technicians, etc.), and they need to successfully fulfill many other obligations such as classroom teaching, serving on committees, providing clinical care, advising and training students, and reviewing and writing manuscripts and grant proposals. As a result of these many demands, the management needs of the laboratory and one’s focus on the science often suffers.

Through a series of six 2-hour sessions, attendees will learn proven techniques and begin to apply these to their own research groups through in-class exercises. Attendees will better understand some of the critical factors that motivate people and to use this understanding to negotiate win-win situations with trainees and staff within the research group. Proven methods for increasing group productivity and using change to sustain and advance the group’s long-term success will be examined. The goal of the workshop in aggregate is to enhance individual and group productivity, achieve better work-life balance, reduce work-related stress, and increase the likelihood of having a satisfying, successful, and lifelong career as a scientist / laboratory director.

Session 1: Introduction & Overview
10:00am – 12:00pm / Tuesday, September 9th

Session 2: Managing People, Part 1: Motivation for Laboratory & Group Success
10:00am – 12:00pm / Thursday, September 11th

Session 3: Managing People, Part 2: Negotiation for Laboratory & Group Success
10:00am – 12:00pm / Tuesday, September 16th

Session 4: Managing Laboratory & Group Time
10:00am – 12:00pm / Thursday, September 18th

Session 5: Managing Change for Laboratory & Group Success
10:00am – 12:00pm / Tuesday, September 23rd

Session 6: Managing Laboratory & Group Productivity
10:00am – 12:00pm / Thursday, September 25th

All sessions will be held in the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB), Room 2110.  The workshop will be led by Dr. Gary C. Schoenwolf, Distinguished Professor, Neurobiology and Anatomy.

For complete information and to register online, please click here or contact Tony Onofrietti, Director, Research Education at 801-585-3492.


4. Grant Writing Crash Course

October 10-12, 2014
The Lodges at Deer Valley Resort
Park City, Utah

Open to all Faculty members and Postdoctoral Scholars

Using a unique and proven method to learn how to write a fundable proposal, the Grant Writing Crash Course provides one-on-one mentoring by successful University of Utah Faculty Grant Writers. Participants complete a series of short exercises prior to the Grant Writing Crash Course, drafting text that will be refined and assembled under the guidance of faculty mentors into critical sections of their proposal. Several essential topics are covered in focused brief lectures and discussions, including the strategies and mechanics of effective proposal writing, how to sell your project (and yourself as Principal Investigator) to a sponsoring agency, the criteria that reviewers use to evaluate your proposal, pitfalls to avoid in grant writing, how to develop aims and justifications, the ins and outs of major funding agencies, and the political, social, and psychological aspects of “grantsmanship.” Focused, intensive work sessions provide participants with ample uninterrupted time to craft and recraft their thinking, writing, and presentation based on real-time constructive feedback from faculty mentors, enhancing their proposals and increasing the likelihood of their success.

Attendance is highly limited. Registration fees for the October program include two nights lodging at the Deer Valley Resort, use of recreational facilities, and most meals. A spouse/partner and up to two children are welcome to accompany the participant (additional charge if more than two children attend). If you do not have seed or personal funding available for the registration fee, we encourage you to discuss other options with your Department Chair or Research Dean.

To register for the October 2014 program, or for more information, please contact Tony Onofrietti, Director, Research Education, at 801-585-3492.

The Grant Writing Crash Course program is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and are led by Dr. Gary C. Schoenwolf, Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy.


 5. Research Education invites you to join the Research Administrators’ Network (RAN)!

The mission of the Research Administrators’ Network (RAN) is to provide informative peer-to-peer networking, support and guidance for the benefit of the University Research Administrative community. By becoming a member of the RAN you will receive notifications about new funding opportunities, announcements about upcoming research-related events, and will gain access to the RAN Canvas™ Site, which offers numerous resources including a real-time Peer Discussion Board. To become of member of the Research Administrators’ Network (RAN) please contact Danny Trujillo, Research Education Project Coordinator, at 801-585-3958.


 6. Teaching with the Flipped Classroom

Ready to flip your classroom? Find out more about flipping your class, active learning strategies, and making great videos from veteran flippers Dr. Cynthia Furse (Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Associate VP for Research), Dr. Donna Ziegenfuss (Associate Librarian, Marriott Library, veteran MOOC-er), and Dr. Stacy Bamberg (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering) at the University of Utah.

Online class begins Sept. 8, 2014. There will be six modules (one module per week) and an optional brown bag “Flip and Chips” lunch on Mondays, 12 pm – 1 pm starting Sept. 15, 2014.

For registration and more information, go to or


 7. Upcoming Research Grant Opportunities

Limited Submission Opportunities

Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)
Internal Deadline: September 30, 2014

Internal Funding Opportunities:

Seed Grant Program:
Internal Deadline: August 20 and February 15

University Research Committee:
Faculty Research and Creative Grant Program
Internal Deadline: August 20, November 20, and February 15

URC Faculty Fellow Awards
Internal Deadline: October 23

Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Awards
Internal Deadline: October 15

Research Instrumentation Fund (RIF) Program:
Internal Deadline: December 15, 2014


External Funding Opportunities

Mathematical Sciences Innovation Incubator (MSII)

The Division of Mathematical Sciences wishes to foster the participation of more mathematical scientists, from every area of mathematics and statistics, in such important interdisciplinary work. In support of this goal, the MSII activity provides funding to catalyze the involvement of mathematical scientists in research areas where the mathematical sciences are not yet playing large roles.

To apply for MSII support, after submitting a proposal to a non-DMS program for a research project that involves mathematical scientists, or a supplement request to include new mathematical scientists in a research project supported by a non-DMS award, the Principal Investigator must send an e-mail message specifying the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the mathematical scientist(s) and the NSF proposal ID to Transmission of this e-mail message will constitute a request that DMS consider the proposal or supplement request for MSII funding. For more information, visit the National Science Foundation website.

UTAH NASA EPSCoR: Minigrant Research Proposal Opportunity
Internal Deadline: September 22, 2014, 5:00 p.m.

The purpose of NASA’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Cooperative Research (EPSCoR) is to help develop core expertise and infrastructure to enable investigators to successfully compete at the national level for resources on research projects and programs in alignment with the missions of the NASA Mission Directorates.

NASA EPSCoR of Utah plans to fund a total of 4 minigrant awards for 2014-15. Two awards will be made among the following research institutions: University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah State University, and Weber State University. The maximum funding is $25,000 and all electronic submittals must be emailed to Kim Olson by Sept. 22, 2015, 5:00 pm.

Please review the following information for eligibility and proposal guidelines:

      1. Eligibility: Faculty member PI at rank below full professor
      2. Proposal not more than six pages, not including the cover page and CV
      • Cover page
      • Description of research
      • Tasking schedule
      • Expected outcomes
      • Potential for follow-on funding
      • Proposed budget
      • Curriculum vitae

Please visit NASA.GOV for more information on the EPSCoR program or contact Kim Olson.


8. Upcoming Classes in the Research Administration Training Series (RATS)

For questions concerning RATS, please contact Tony Onofrietti (801-585-3492) or visit the RATS website

Purchasing and Procurement
Thursday, Sept. 4th
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
HSEB, Rm. 3515C

OMB Uniform Guidance: Understanding the New OMNI-Circular
Monday, Sept. 8th
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
HSEB, Rm. 1750

Effective Negotiation in Research: The Art of Advocacy and Agreement
Tuesday, Sept. 9th
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
HSEB, Rm. 1750

Investigator Training Workshop: Pre-Award Session
Wednesday, Sept. 10th
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
RAB, Rm. 117

Governing Regulations for Grants and Contracts
Thursday, Sept. 11th
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
HSEB, Rm. 1750

Electronic Application through Grants.Gov
Monday, Sept. 15th
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
HSEB, Rm. 1750

Understanding IRB Applications in ERICA:  New Studies, Amendments and Continuing Review
Tuesday, Sept. 16th
2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
HSEB, Rm. 1750


9. Research News & Publicizing Research

Interested in the cool research going on at the U? For the latest news on research, go to news.If you are interested in publicizing your research, guidelines and information on howto, along with contact information, may be found at: Publicizing Research and Working with the Media.


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