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1.     Publicizing Research

Faculty members with potentially newsworthy research should contact university communications representatives as soon as their studies are submitted. Once a study is published online, it is too late to publicize it. Those and other guidelines for publicizing research, along with contact information, may be found at: Publicizing Research and Working with the Media.

2.     Utah EPSCoR Eligibility

Utah has exceeded the NSF funding level that made us EPSCoR eligible, so we are not NSF EPSCoR eligible for fiscal year 2013. To get more detailed information on how this impacts Utah’s ESPCoR funding at the agencies where we had EPSCoR eligibility, click here.

3.     Sequestration

According to initial AAAS estimates, federal R&D investment will amount to approximately $130.9 billion in FY 2013, a drop of $9.6 billion or 6.9 percent from FY 2012. Nearly all of this decline is due to sequestration, as Congress appeared to hold several R&D accounts nearly flat and trimming only $506.6 million from R&D expenditures in the final bill. However, there is some considerable variation agency-by-agency. For instance, on the defense side of the ledger, Congress trimmed Department of Defense (DOD) R&D by $1.3 billion below FY 2012 levels – though short of the Administration’s goal to cut appropriations further. Coupled with sequestration, DOD R&D will likely fall by $7.0 billion, or nearly ten percent; it’s hard to say at this time how these cuts will be allocated between the science & technology and weapons development accounts. On the other hand, Congress granted increases to the Department of Energy (DOE) atomic weapons and nonproliferation accounts within the National Nuclear Security Administration, leaving DOE’s atomic defense R&D funding $313 million or 7.3 percent above FY 2012 levels. After sequestration, this funding will only experience a roughly 1.1 percent drop from FY 2012. Congress also restored funding for research in the Defense Health Program, as they have in years past.

Non-defense research agencies also are subject to some variation. For instance, the National Science Foundation received an overall R&D boost of $152 million or 2.7 percent, which would leave the agency’s R&D budget only 2.4 percent below FY 2012 levels after including sequestration. NSF also saw the preservation of its political science research programs, but with some clear restrictions. Overall R&D budgets at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and, especially, the Department of Homeland Security were increased significantly – in near accord with the Administration’s original budget request – likely leaving both agencies above FY 2012 levels even after sequestration is applied. At NASA, the Science and Space Technology directorates were boosted at the expense of the Exploration and Space Operations accounts, leaving the overall R&D budget $103.3 million or 1.1 percent above FY 2012 levels, and $371.8 million or 4.0 percent below FY 2012 after sequestration. The NIH Director’s Office received a modest boost, but sequestration will still leave agency R&D funding roughly $1.4 billion or 4.8 percent below FY 2012 levels.

More information can be found at: AAAS Website

4.     Grant Writing Crash Course

April 26-28, 2013
The Lodges at Deer Valley Resort
Park City, Utah

Open to all Faculty members and Postdoctoral Scholars

Experienced University of Utah faculty will provide individualized instruction in the mechanics of effective grant proposal writing, how to sell your idea to a sponsoring agency, how to develop specific aims and justifications, and the political and social aspects of “granstmanship”. Participants will work on their grant proposals at the GWCC, receiving real-time feedback to strengthen their proposals and enhance their likelihood of funding. A high faculty-to-trainee (PI) ratio is provided and attendance is highly limited. If you do not have seed or personal funding available for the registration fee, we encourage you to discuss other options with your Department Chair or Research Dean. Registration fees include two nights lodging at the Deer Valley Resort, use of recreational facilities, and most meals. A spouse/partner and up to two children are welcome to accompany the participant (additional charge if more than two children attend). To register, or for more information, please contact Tony Onofrietti, Director of Research Education at 801-585-3492.

The Grant Writing Crash Course is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and led by Dr. Gary C. Schoenwolf, distinguished professor of neurobiology and anatomy

5.     Upcoming Classes in the Research Administration Training Series (RATS)
For questions concerning RATS, please contact Tony Onofrietti (801-585-3492) or visit the RATS website.

Introduction to Technology Commercialization and Intellectual Property
Wednesday, April 10 2:00-4:00 p.m.
HSEB Rm. 1730

Utah Population Database: Use of a Pre-Research Query Tool
Thursday, April 11 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
HSEB Lab 3100C

Informed Consent: Models and Requirements
Tuesday, April 16 2:00-4:00 p.m.
HSEB Rm. 2110

Principles of Contracts, Subcontracts and Subawards
Wednesday, April 17 2:00-4:00 p.m.
HSEB Rm. 1730

Utah Population Database: Access and Approval for Research Projects
Thursday, April 18 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
HSEB Rm. 3515C

Fundamentals of Effort Reporting, Audits and Recharge Centers
Thursday, April 18 2:00-4:00 p.m.
HSEB Rm. 2110

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