UTA says tap on/tap off…or else

UTA has enforced its Ed Pass card tap-on/tap-off policy on buses for a long time. Now they are strictly enforcing it on TRAX and FrontRunner rail lines as well. The stronger enforcement measures go into effect March 1.  

Your tap makes a difference
Every time you tap on an electronic card reader, UTA receives important information including:

  • Proof of your fare payment
  • Data to accurately charge your school or work for its public transportation use
  • General ridership information for improved service planning

You can be fined for not tapping
Because the honor system is used, you’re not required to go through a turnstile to ride UTA. Instead, Ed Pass riders tap electronic readers on buses or at rail stations to show valid proof of fare payment. If you forget to tap your electronic card, the transit police could give you a ticket and a fine. Fines could be $150 or more, so remember to always tap your card when boarding, exiting or transferring on UTA vehicles.

For additional information, contact Collin Simmons or call UTA at 801-743·3882.

Note: Find out about Commuter Services initiative to get more people to tap-on/tap-off here (scroll down) and the chance to win an i-Pad.

20 Responses to UTA says tap on/tap off…or else

  • Ambreen Kamran says:

    I understand tap on but tap off seriously, its already 1 hr commute from west jordan 7800 south on top of that there are not enough machines and alot of time I have to wait in line to tap off because of that when employees clock in at work they have to make up time half an hr a day.

  • Becky says:

    Agreed! Then you hope that the machines actually work! I don’t understand the honor system, any other mass transit I’ve been on is set up so that you have to pay or you just don’t ride. If UTA had it set up as a pay or no ride, maybe they wouldn’t be so hard up for cash!

  • Melinda says:

    Seriously it doesn’t take that long to tap on or off. If you are cutting it that close maybe you need to take an earlier train. UTA’s cash problems have nothing to do with the honor system. The agreement between UTA and the U is one of the best benefits that we have here on campus.

  • Debbie says:

    They need to make sure the machines are working, and the driver needs to keep people away from the doors so you can get to them. I have been on buses where i couldn’t get to the machines because kids and people stand in front of them and the drivers don’t do anything about that. Can’t tap off when you can’t get to the machine in the back They need to do something about that!

  • Mike says:

    Not that tough, and it is something we have been asked to do. No more excuses, just do it.

  • craig says:

    I can’t believe all the whining that I am seeing about taping on and off. It is the easiest thing to do. Becky are you seriously suggesting that they set up turnstiles? If you all think that taping on and off is inconvenient, imagine what it would be like if there were only a few entry points. But that is what we may get if we cannot learn to do our part and simply tap on and off.

  • Mary says:

    I agree about the whining. Some of us have always tapped on and off since the program was instituted and most riders do not. This morning I counted at least 20 riders run across the street at the hospital and not tap off – these people are employees. I’m glad it’s finally being enforced. Too bad all of us who have followed the rules don’t get some benefit like the I-pad!

  • Ronalee says:

    tapping on and off is a simple thing to do, i appreciate the fact that we are given a UTA pass here as an employee benefit, i just wish that the #6 bus route had more efficient time schedules….i mean seriously, get me here at 7:23am when i can’t even punch in til 7:54am….or get me here at 8am when i am suppose to be at my desk and have phones switched over from answer service at that time…it takes a good 5 or so minutes to get to my desk from the front of the hospital….the way the time schedule is set up, its like UTA doesn’t want you to ride the bus!

  • sabina kirkpatrick says:

    I have seen people not tapping on and off the train doesn’t wait for you it just leaves, then your waiting another 15 min for another train so it takes longer to get home or I guess you end up leaving work earlier and your manager and co-workers getting upset with you because yo take public transit. The transit police should be on the Red-Line more to catch these violators and make the money they need don’t they make enough off from other sources? Also it is so sad when you see people hurrying to get to the train and they fall in the middle of the street and the train leaves anyway I’ve seen it happen.

  • Cassie says:

    I love tapping on and tapping off. It is much quicker than buying a ticket and waiting for it to print. You don’t even have to take the card out of your wallet or purse. I keep my pass in the side pocket of my purse, I simply put that side of my purse up to the reader, and the signal goes right through the leather. EASY!

  • Anonymous says:

    I ride rarely. Would someone please tell me WHERE I tap on and off — the platform or the train?

  • Bonnie says:

    I only use Trax a couple of times a year, but want to do it right. I couldn’t find these answers on the UTA website. Where are the electronic readers? On the train or at the stations? I’m assuming I tap my U ID card, is that right? Thanks to anyone who can answer…

  • Collin says:

    I handle these issues at Commuter Services and would like to help.
    1-There are concerns regarding the amount of readers at each stop. There are at least 2 at every platform. I do realize this is still not enough and we continue to address this with UTA.
    2-There are actually barrier-free systems throughout the country. They are not the most efficent but it is what we have. Turnstiles would allow for better data collection but would add more minutes to your commute than simply tapping.
    3-I will address the UTA managers regarding keeping the readers clear on buses so everyone has access.
    4-Time schedules are difficult to influence from my position but UTA always accepts comments and suggestions regarding these issues.
    5-You actually do need to take your card out of your wallet or purse. It has the ability to charge credit cards by mistake. If this happens we can get you in touch with the right person at UTA to reimburse you.
    6- Card readers are located on all platforms. Some platforms have as many as 4 readers.
    Let me know if youo have any other questions or comments. I will help where I can.

  • Dave says:

    UTA needs more tap on/off units at TRAX stops. They are not near the doors to the trains. Because of this, I have walked past a train at the Med. Center stop to tap on and had the train leave before I could get back to it. Its only a few seconds, but the train usually gives you no warning before leaving. If I am cutting it close, I never tap on for this reason. I don’t want to wait 15 minutes for another train, especially in winter, just because UTA can’t put the units in convenient places.

    Speaking of which, why aren’t the tap on/off units on the trains? They are on buses at both doors. Do this and you will get accurate counts.

  • Rob says:

    Complaining? Seriously? I work at the hospital full time with lupus and late stage Rheumatoid arthritis and I manage to tap on/off everytime. Im on time to work everyday. Just do it, it isnt that hard,

  • Really says:

    @Rob…Really???? we all have our ailments, why throw the sympathy card in regarding TAP ON/OFF for UTA….geez

  • Joe says:

    I resent being threatened with ticketing when I always have a pass on me at all times (my ID). And I call bull on the data collection. Don’t you all realize that the sole reason they want this information is so that they can continue to cut routes and the frequency of the buses/trax? They say, “oh, only 10 people needed a bus at 8pm, so I guess we should cut down on how often the bus comes.” I can’t even get home on the bus anymore if I leave after 9pm (I do research, and yes I work late). Now I have to ride Trax all the way south, then hike it 25min home because the buses aren’t running anymore. This change happened AFTER the tap-on tap-off policy. Thanks UTA. Please cut more routes when you’re done analyzing our tap-on tap-off info. I for one, refuse to play. I tap on to avoid your lame tickets, but I never tap off.

  • Dallin says:

    @Joe, bull on the data collection? Isn’t what you just described, data collection? You just contradicted yourself. When the article said, “general ridership information for improved service planning.” That’s exactly what you said when you said, “the sole reason they want this information is so that they can continue to cut routes and the frequency of the buses/trax”. Does it seem at all logical to serve rides when hardly anyone uses the ride? It sensible to make cuts on rides that aren’t used. I guess since the world must revolve around you and your lifestyle, we should all be angry with you that they cut your ride because so few people rode with you. Right?
    And the school doesn’t get charged per card anymore, but per ride. AND by not tapping off, they can suspend/cancel your card. So its your choice, but be sure that you complain online again when they it happens to you so that way we can all get angry at UTA with you for doing something that they warned they would do from the beginning.

  • Brent G. Alm says:

    We are very fortunate to have a bus pass! What a great benefit it is! Thanks to the “U” for providing it to us! I live in northern utah county and drive one mile to the bus stop in the morning and one mile home in the evening. I enjoy the 807 express bus and will continue to tap on and off.

  • Steve P says:

    Pretty intense that the fine for not tapping on/off is more than THREE times as high as the fine for not wearing a seatbelt (which can get you or others killed). $15 is reasonable and would still motivate people to comply!

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