Do you drive on Sunnyside Ave.?

The city has been examining different potential traffic configurations on Sunnyside Ave. between Guardsman Way and Foothill Drive. A traffic test scheduled to take place in late February or early March has been postponed due to concerns from drivers who use that route and from residents of the area who fear changes will move more traffic into their neighborhoods. You can read more about that in a Feb. 16 Salt Lake Tribune article here. The city had planned to close one of the westbound lanes for the test with future projects closing an eastbound lane as part of its “road diet” philosophy. Funding has been requested to make the necessary changes after the traffic test. The city has encouraged those with opinions to comment online at Open City Hall.

3 Responses to Do you drive on Sunnyside Ave.?

  • Rick Raile says:

    Emigration Canyon Community Council has voted unanimously to oppose the Road Diet proposed by SLC Mayor Becker. Canyon residents flooded Charlie Luke’s inbox with e-mails of opposition when they learned of the proposal a couple of weeks ago. We will be sending Mayor Becker a formal letter of opposition to the project this week. We are working with several neighborhood organizations in close proximity to Sunnyside to stop the reconfiguration of Sunnyside.

  • Ann says:

    This is a bad idea. It is already difficult to get to and from the U of U every day. Reducing Sunnyside to a one lane road will cause even worse traffic jams.

  • Shaari Peddersen says:

    I use Sunnyside every work day for both directions of my commute. I can only see lane reduction as creating increased congestion. The result, aside from making the commute slower would be slowing down the flow of traffic near residences, and thus creating a steady, longer-lasting stream of traffic and noise in front of those residences.

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