Crimson Classifieds Terms of Use

Terms of use

Posting Classified Ads

University of Utah staff, faculty, and students with a valid University of Utah (ending in email address may post classified ads to the FYI News Crimson Classifieds website free of charge in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use. Each time you submit an ad for posting, by submitting your ad you agree, effective as of the date the ad is submitted, that all of these Terms of Use shall apply. The University of Utah reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.

Users must register with a University of Utah email address (ending in to access Crimson Classifieds. Crimson Classifieds is designed with the intention that (i) your email address will not be displayed on the site, and (ii) your email will be revealed only in two cases:

  1. When you email the person posting the ad
  2. When you reply to someone who has emailed you about your ad.

Your phone number will be displayed on the ad only if you choose to provide it.

This classified ad service is provided as a courtesy to the University of Utah community and may be discontinued at any time at the University’s discretion. The University of Utah is the flagship public university in the State of Utah and a premier health sciences center and research institution. It is the intent of the University of Utah that all classified ads shall reflect positively on the University’s name and reputation and be consistent with the goals and mission of the University and the General Guidelines set forth below. All ads submitted will be reviewed by FYI News editors. In addition to any other rights it may have, the University reserves the right to reject and not post or revoke the posting of any classified ad that it views as inconsistent with the goals and/or mission of the University and/or the General Guidelines. Ads will expire and be removed after 30 days. The basic guidelines for the posting of classified ads in FYI (the “General Guidelines”) are:

  • Only classified ads for the donation or sale of vehicles or boats, furniture, personal home office equipment, camping/athletic equipment, home/yard  items, and personal music/instruments by an individual will be posted. Ads for the purchase, sale, or donation of other items will not be accepted at this time.
  • The item represented in the ad must be for sale by the person submitting the ad. Ads submitted by employees representing others, or acting as an agent or second party, will not be accepted.
  • Ads representing, or that appear to be posted on behalf of any company or other commercial, for-profit enterprise will not be accepted.
  • Ads for consumable, repeat-sale commodities or commercial sales will not be accepted.
  • FYI News does not accept ads for real estate—for sale or rent—but suggests people consider checking the University of Utah’s Off Campus Housing website.
  • All ads must comply in all respects with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • All classified ads are subject to approval from the University of Utah regarding form, size, wording, and typography. Only easily understood abbreviations are accepted.
  • The University of Utah reserves the right to reposition, classify, edit, reject or cancel any advertising at any time, before or after placement, consistent with these Terms of Use.

The University of Utah/FYI News for Faculty & Staff does not investigate or warranty any information or item contained in a classified ad. Those posting or responding to an ad are solely responsible for evaluating items offered and transactions that may result.

For additional questions, contact FYI News or call 801-585-3595.

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